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About Us

Cross Country Cowboy, Inc. has spent many years doing extensive research on barrier netting, compiling data to set the standard for many firsts in this unique industry. With our exclusive cross brace design, Patent #5,732,935, comes a wind protection mechanism on a golf barrier netting installation.

This patent system also has a 4’chain link mesh along the bottom, working in conjunction with the design. The chain link is cable-hung pole to pole, no posts needed. It looks professional and although it was designed as part of the wind protection mechanism, it also prevents the ground crew from cutting the net with ball pickers, lawn mowers, weed whackers, etc.

Our 1st quality, detailed work gives you the best golf netting installation nationwide —Guaranteed! We are a full service experienced company with commitment to customer service. Cross Country Cowboy, Inc., was established in 1981 in the construction field. By 1990, all our energy and time went into golf range netting, perfecting our design and in 1998 finalizing our patent. For over 2 decades, our dedication to integrity, perfection, and quality have come full-circle. We do not use sub-contractors; we have our own equipment, staff, and field crews.

So whether you are looking for fairway or driving range net, litter control, baseball or soccer netting, baseball or golf cages, we are the company for you. Our turnkey installations offer “you” peace of mind, because our system has proven to withstand wind loads where others fail.

Browse our site and give us a call. We can handle it all!

The Story Behind Our Name

Sam rode a horse across the United States, leaving Atlantic City, NJ in September 1974. He traveled the original Southwest route many pioneers took when going out west. Working along the way and documenting information about our country, he stayed with strangers and made countless new friends, many of whom he is still in contact with today. Two years and 19 days later, Sam reached Mission Beach in San Diego, California on his faithful horse King.