Barrier Netting Workmanship


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We insist on using
only leading manufacturers
who specialized in our specific products!
All products are warranted by the manufacturer

Of course we warrant our installation
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Golf Barrier Netting
1” Black Heavy Duty poly netting on golf driving ranges.  Our nets have a double salvage edge giving strength to the installation.
Polyester panel netting is rope bordered and custom made for your heights and lengths.  Also available is a special rope border panel net with vinyl bounded edges with grommets every 12” 
ALL netting is UV Impregnated for longer outdoor life expectancy.  

Other Barrier Netting or Protective Netting
Debris or Litter Control Nets
Baseball Netting
Golf Cages - Batting Cages
Soccer Nets
Shot Netting for shooting ranges

Wood Poles or Steel Poles
CCA or Penta Treated
Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow Pine
Galvanized SS40 Steel
Steel Poles (colors available)- (corrosion-retardant coating) 
Poles set at a maximum of 50’

Hardware and Cable
5/8” through-the-pole hardware 3 bolt suspension clamps
Single bolt suspension clamps
5/8” eye nuts and eye bolts
T-bars for guy lines
1/4”, 5/16” and 3/8” cable clamps specifically designed for pig tails
1/4” airplane cable for wind lines
5/16” airplane cable for hang lines, guy lines and our patented cross brace lines
All cable is 7 x 19 strands
Foam wrap over clamped pigtails for added net protection
Wind screen patches over hardware for added net protection
PC-7 hog rings for top cable
AL-25 hog rings for attaching bottom cable to our chain link mesh design
5/16” snap clips or pear clips for panel net installations
All hardware is galvanized